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Nippon Life Insurance Company 

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Nippon Life is the largest private asset owner in Japan, and the core company of the Nippon Life group, which consists of multiple group companies operating life insurance and asset management businesses in the Asia-Pacific region and globally. Six group companies are PRI signatories.

While Asia is a region rich in diversity in various aspects, including geography, climate, and culture, it is also the largest GHG emitting region. With the energy mix and industry mix differing from country to country, there is no one-size-fits-all decarbonization financing approach that can be applied across all. We need practical solutions that take into account the different nature, scale, and complexity of each country in taking action on sustainability outcomes in the real world. Without recognizing these complexities, there can be no just transition.

As a leading asset owner in Asia, Nippon Life aims to contribute to realizing a sustainable society not only in Japan, but also in Asia and around the world. We hope that PRI in Person in Tokyo will provide an opportunity to understand the need to progress responsible investment practices and to exchange diverse views on ESG issues including decarbonization financing approach between APAC stakeholders and their global peers.


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