Sustainability is at the heart of the PRI's values.
We acknowledge that our annual event has the potential to impact the environment and as such we have a duty to proactively manage this.   

In 2023 we took various measures to minimise the negative environmental and social impacts of PRI in Person, including: 


PRI in Person 2023 was again as ‘paper-free’ as possible to reduce our impact on the environment. As such exhibitors were discouraged from providing paper handouts.  
  Food waste reduction

Our venue will reduces food waste by reviewing purchasing policies, displaying posters to educate staff and guests about leftover food; reusing spoiled and leftover food as fertiliser.  
  Recyclable materials

We used reusable or recyclable banners, carpets and furniture.  The lanyards and bags provided to delegates were sourced from recycled, sustainable materials.   Our venue promotes the reduction and reuse of plastic products in accordance with the Law for Promotion of Recycling of Plastic Resources.   
  Social Contribution Award

Our venue has been honored with the Japan Hotel Association's "Social Contribution Award" for the establishment of a joint delivery system for eight hotels in Tokyo (a system in which each supplier delivers food products to a warehouse and each hotel only takes the food products it needs).  


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